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This is a page to discuss GLAM - Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums and how they can use Freebase.


Why cultural institutions should get involved with Freebase

Freebase is a repository of open data, aka "facts", about all kinds of entities.

Problems with existing museum stuff:

  • information is siloed, hard to connect to other institutions' information

Why put your stuff in Freebase:

  • Improves discoverability of institutions' holdings
  • Allows collections to be mashed up with other collections or with other data in Freebase or accessible through Freebase

Using GLAM data with Freebase

Determining Licensing Terms

A critical first step to making metadata about your collections available beyond your own institutional website is determining the appropriate licensing terms for your holdings and confirming, or having your lawyer confirm, that those terms are compatible with Freebase's License_compatibility. In short, your metadata should be published using CC-BY version 3.0 or greater.

Importing metadata about collections into Freebase

The steps for importing collection metadata to Freebase include:

  • Gathering information about the metadata available
  • Mapping the fields to Freebase Schema
  • Turn the available data into a format that can be loaded into Freebase
  • Reconciling data to existing Freebase topics (possibly utilizing Crowdsourcing)
  • Writing the data to Freebase

Freebase has tools to help with all these steps. See Loading data for more information.

Building mashups with Freebase and GLAM collection data

Once data is in Freebase, you can build apps based on it using Freebase's API, the Acre app development process, etc.

Questions and Answers

How does Freebase differ from the Flickr Commons? Wikimedia Commons?

Do we have to use an open license to put our stuff in Freebase?

How would institutions be attributed/cited by third parties?

GLAM institutions with open data/APIs/etc

The following institutions etc. have open data, APIs, etc, which could be used in conjunction with Freebase:

  • Powerhouse Museum (Sydney, Australia)
  • Brooklyn Museum (New York, USA) - API can be used for mashups, but license prohibits contribution of data retrieved via API to Freebase

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