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The Freebase Terms of Service require contributors to only contribute data which is compatible with the Freebase licensing terms. It is up to individuals to ensure content (Data, Schema, Descriptions, or Media Files) can be uploaded. See License compatibility for more information. For external data sets which are not license compatible another option is to link to them using a strong identifier so that users can follow the link from Freebase to the other database.

Current sources

This is a partial list of sources from which data has been imported to Freebase.

You can find a fuller list at, although this lists only sources uploaded by the data team rather than by the community.

Automated sources (via Data pipeline)

Test sources

Linked Data

Linked Open Data, LOD, or Semantic web are terms that describe data that is meaningfully connected across different websites, and is accessible under an open License so that it can be combined and otherwise manipulated.

Terms and concepts:

Related semweb projects:

alt Linked Open Data cloud diagram

Proposed sources

See also's cloud.

Proposed Key Sources

Many online databases may not have data dumps or appropriate licensing for import to Freebase. In this case we can still provide a link from Freebase back to the appropriate webpage. This is useful as it gives further data point for reconcilation of other items i.e. if we know imported topic A is the same as external website topic B, and Freebase topic C is also the same as B we can deduce that A should be reconciled with C. The linking relies on keys, so any external webpage should ideally relate 1 to 1 with a semantic entity, a topic on Freebase. The following is a list of possible data sources:

Further reading:

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