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BEFORE CREATING A NEW Topic in Freebase:

Many times when you think you need to Create a New Topic, you probably will NOT need to. Since Freebase already has millions and millions of existing topics, and sometimes the topic you need or want to link with, or select in a drop down, is already created. It's just a matter of searching through the suggestions that appear in a drop down list or the flyout panel that appears and selecting the correct topic. (or even typing the right phrase into the input box)

( To make finding the correct topic you need, even easier than now, the hope is to offer a new Suggestion service than currently used in many areas of Freebase and dropdown lists, in the later half of 2011 )


  1. Think about what sort of thing your topic is. For instance, is it a Person, Film, or Skyscraper.
  2. On, navigate to that Type (the Search interface at the top of each page is an easy way to do this)
  3. When you are on the type page, click "Add more topics" in the upper right of the page
  4. Enter the name of your new topic
  5. Once it is added, you can click through to it and then edit it to add more information.
  6. New topics usually appear in a Search within a minute or so, but this can be longer if the system is under high load.

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