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Acre is Freebase's hosted development environment. It is free to use and all code hosted on it is Open source, allowing all apps to be cloned and code to be borrowed and reused. Server side scripts can be used, and are written in javascript. An API is also provided.

Acre applications are edited using the App Editor.

Libraries and Utilities

As all code is reusable and linkable by calling the acre.require function, it makes sense to use an already created library or function, rather than creating your own. Libraries are apps that contains scripts which can be called from your app to carry out useful tasks.

List of Acre App Libraries

  • Defaults Library contains useful templates and default stylesheet that help you start your acre development faster (source)
  • PropBox handles the various nuances of viewing AND editing different types of properties (depending on their expected types: CVTs, images, unique properties, addresses, datetime, numbers, etc.) along with proper formatting (for viewing) and validation (when editing). (source)
  • Service Library makes it quick and easy to create Freebase-style JSON web services and is especially useful when developing ajax-y Acre apps. (source)
  • Acre Libraries contains a set of independent libraries that offer various extended functionality in Javascript and/or Acre that are useful and not trivial to replicate. (source)
  • Attribution Library contains standardized templates giving attribution in your apps. (source)
  • Sizzle Library enhances the Acre HTML/XML parser and provides support for CSS selectors using the Sizzle javascript library. This allows you to select parts of HTML content just like you would do in your browser using JQuery. (source)
  • Topic Library wraps around the Freebase topic API and provides easy to use functionality to retrieve content related to a particular Freebase topic. (source)
  • RABJ Library wraps around the RABJ web service and provides an easy way to interact with it via Javascript API directly (source)
  • Facebook Acre Library powers the ability to write Facebook-connecting Acre apps (source)
  • Flickr API library (source)

List of Utility Apps

  • Acre Console providers a REPL-like console for Acre that you can use to test Acre functionality. (source) BROKEN - bug User:willmoffat if you want this fixed :-)
  • Web IDs resolves a Freebase ID or a URI and lists all the known web-scale identifiers for that topic. (source)
  • Linker finds the corresponding Freebase topic for an URI.
  • source

Acre Apps in Freebase

Acre is not just a system to build peripheral applications, but it has been used directly to build services that are integrated directly in Freebase.

List of Freebase Services built as Acre Apps


Acre Tips

What version is that Acre app?

Want to know what the latest version is for an acre app?


  1. View Source, e.g.!path=//
  2. In the top bar, click the app's name, e.g. ' schema'

The Versions tab shows all versions.

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